Homeopathy & Naturopathy

Vitalist Holistic Approach

"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease" Hippocrates

The core of Vitalist Healing Traditions is life transformation. Based on the supreme Hippocratic mandate, emphasizing the uniqueness of each individual, we at Vitalist Healing Traditions, strive to offer relief to the suffering of our fellow human beings with respect to nature and each soul's divine purpose.

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Vitalist Holistic Approach

  Homeopathy is a therapeutic method based on the law of similitude, which is expressed by the adage “Simila similibus curentur”, or “Like may be cured by likes”. Homeopathy stimulates your vital force (Inherent healing capacity and life force) to allow your body to begin healing itself. 

  “Just like a little match sets off the vital force to a law-abiding flame which then starts the engine of the body working, regulating each part and so healing the whole instead of just one part at a time such as pills to make you sleep and drugs to numb pain. By considering the whole, the homeopath depends less on diagnosing and notes the symptoms which give him the picture of the whole individual and recommends accordingly.”

  - McCaffrey, M. Ada, (1958) -

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The Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is a refined medical art using thousands of years of anecdotal research focused on nourishment and detoxification of organ and meridian systems. From a common cold, chronic liver disease, chronic pain and so many other illnesses, Traditional Chinese medicine, brings incredible relief.


The Intelligence of Plants 

The aim of each consultation is to re-learn ancient traditions from around the world and restore our connection with nature. Plants are our teachers and healing channels of communication with nature.


Choose Food, Choose Life

Food energetics as regarded by Ancient Greek & Ancient Chinese medicine focuses on personalized diets focused on dispelling harmful influences, detoxing and rejuvenating internal organs & replenishing ones life force. Every consultation is focused on creating a distinctive connection with food, reviving old memories and creating new food experiences.

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