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“When I first came to see Dr. Carina Lopez, I was complaining of severe fatigue, lack of concentration, brain fog and lack of memory. Eight months after, I feel great. I can memorize things easily, my thoughts flow easily and I feel energetic. I am overall much happier. Now I can continue with my life and go to college. I recommend Dr. Carina Lopez. She's very knowledgeable and compassionate and the nicest doctor I've ever met.”


“Thanks to Dr. Carina Lopez & Sakis. They have helped me tremendously with constipation after 25 years of dealing with this situation. Also got help with bursitis. Almost all gone! Thank you so much for your kind, patient and knowledgeable care, given with love.”


“I am another patient of Dr. Carina Lopez helped to go through an insane Peri-menopause time. It's been two years already. I still come to visit Dr. Carina Lopez at least once a month. I feel brand new. All her knowledge, love and dedication makes her the best homeopathic doctor ever. Many blessings and lots of light.”


“I heard about Dr.Lopez from Anthony at the health food store. I went to buy herbs for my psoriasis. I have had this condition since 16 years old. I am now 67 years old. I called on a Friday and Sunday she saw me. I met with her, Bob and Sakis. I was tremendously impressed. They REALLY heard me. I had tried every medicine, injectables, creams & diets on the planet. This condition brought me a lot of older symptoms, diseases & pain beyond belief. To the point of wishing, I would not live, BUT I received the greatest GIFT in my life, healing from my many conditions. I wish I could get on TV, Radio xxx the healing & relief I have had. These people are the real thing. I love Carina & Sakis so much. Thank you, thank you for saving me.”