Support the Pawnee and their sacred blue corn and begin the shift to save our world.

I just recently visited a friends house and she asked me to have some of her corn! This was no regular corn.

Heather and I enjoying some delicious blue corn

The corn was from the ancient seeds of the Pawnee people who have begun a preservation project and are finally able to grow their precious corn.Pawnee are considered the true astronomers and astrologers of ancient times in North America. Their garments are decorated with stars and it is said that it is in Nebraska where you can really appreciate star viewing.

The Pawnee People and decorative star garmets

During the trail of tears sadly the Pawnee people were forced to flee to Oklahoma from Nebraska. Carrying their blue corn seeds once planted in Oklahoma the corn would not grow. NOW! the people have created a preservation project and the seeds are being grown again!!! We need to support this phenomenal sacred plant. I suggest that instead of purchasing GMO corn (Yuck!), or saying no to corn in general; say YES to good, preserved ancient seeds while protecting indigenous heritage and supporting what is good in our world.

Braided Corn

Oh, and did I mention the medicinal and nutritional value is so rich in this precious corn. As well as it being delicious!!! Watch the video on Deb Echo-Hawk who has been given the role of the "Keeper of the Seed". And if you would like to purchase some corn contact Pawnee Seed Preservation Project on Facebook.

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Sacred corn

Watch The Video:

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