Via Watchfit: Natural remedies for hypothyroidism

The thyroid gland governs metabolism, growth and development, and body temperature. Hypothyroidism is a common condition that arises from a defect in the thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism appears to run in families. It is more common in females and can sometimes be triggered by stressful events such as pregnancy, emotional or physical trauma.

Primary hypothyroidism can be attributed to the consumption of goitrogens (Substances in foods which inhibit the normal function of the thyroid) or from lack of iodine. Dr. Roy Kupsinel believes that heavy metal toxicity can effect the thyroid gland, particularly mercury as seen in amalgams. Removal is an option.

How do you know if you have hypothyroidism?

RELATED: RECOMMENDED PLANS FOR YOU To make an accurate diagnosis make sure to have a complete physical along with blood tests. A delayed Achilles return reflex is considered a classic finding in hypothyroidism. Basal body temperature is also an important marker that could lead to diagnosis.

Vitamins used for hypothyroidism

Tyrosine- Is a precursor amino acid for thyroid hormones Iodine- If low and if recommended by a professional is helpful Selenium: Improves the thyroid hormone feedback system and improves conversion of T4 to active T3 Zinc, Selenium, B-Vitamins and trace copper are also very beneficial to the thyroid. Herbs used for hypothyroidism: Bladderwrack and Coleus Forsokii both stimulate the thyroid to secrete thyroid hormones.

Food as medicine for hypothyroidism

The hypothyroidism diet should be low in goitrogens and high in foods rich in trace minerals needed for thyroid hormone production and activation. To achieve a good source of Iodine begin eating sea fish, sea vegetables (Kelp). Good sources of zinc include seafood (Especially oysters), beef, oatmeal, chicken, liver, spinach, nuts and seeds. Copper is found in liver and other organ meats, eggs, yeast, beans, nuts and seeds.

The best sources of B vitamins are yeast, whole grains and liver. The best source of selenium is Brazil nuts. Organic, local foods are best due to their higher level of trace minerals.

Homeopathy for hypothyroidism

Natrum Muriaticum: Forreserved and introverted, acute and chronic grief, cannot cry in front of others, Goiter, craves salt. Iodum Purum: Thyroid disorders, great debility, emaciation, weight, Feels always too hot, Goiter, Ravenous hunger with thirst. Calcarea Carbonica: Susceptible to cold, sweating is easy, glandular swelling, crave eggs, swelling of tonsils, overweight. Thyroidinum: Tachycardia, thyroid disorders,rapid heart beats.

Hydrotherapy for hypothyroidism

Often times doing a series of hydrotherapy or water therapy can stimulate the thyroid gland to activate and allow for better circulation. To do this take a shower with hot water (Not enough to burn) for three minutes then switch quickly to cold for thirty seconds then alternate three times ending on cold.

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