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  1. In order to hold and guarantee our appointment with you, we need you to secure it with a non-refundable holding deposit of 50$, paying it through Venmo within 24 hours after you book the appointment. Simply, request payment of 50$ to the username DrCarinaLopez using this link. Otherwise, your appointment will automatically be cancelled, so we can open the space for someone who needs it.
  2. If you are more than 15 minutes late, the appointment may need to be rescheduled. This is to ensure that the patients who arrive on time do not wait longer than necessary to see the provider. You may be given the option to wait for another appointment time on the same day if one is available. We will try to accommodate late-comers as best as possible, but cannot compromise on the quality and timely care, we provide to our patients.  If you don't arrive, you forfeit your appointment and your appointment is subject to a no show fee of $50.
  3. If you have a Video Conferencing appointment and you're more than 15 minutes late to our Video Conference, your appointment is subject to a no show fee of $50.
  4. Any cancellation or rescheduling, post 24 hours before your scheduled appointment, is subject to a cancellation fee of $50. Cancellation or Rescheduling can be made only through your account on our EHR software Jane.
  5. After you successfully book an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email. NO CONFIRMATION EMAIL MEANS NO APPOINTMENT WAS SCHEDULED! Feel free to write to us at with questions.
  6. All Video Conferences for Homeopathy & Naturopathy or Eastern Dietetics happen Exclusively through our new EHR software Jane.
  7. After you book an appointment, you will receive an email with instructions. For the best results and a shorter time in the waiting room, please fill out and submit all the medical forms, as well as read carefully and submit all the consent forms. The forms will guide you to prioritize your concerns.
  8. If you are a New Client, make sure to read all the information provided here.
  9. Be prepared that doctors often run behind for various reasons. Don’t plan your visit when you have to something critical right afterward. Choosing a day where you have more flexibility will make it all much less stressful.
  10. We may need to reschedule the appointment if there is an emergency coming up for someone who really needs help. If this is necessary, we will be in touch to reschedule your appointment with you at no charge to you.

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