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We are honored and delighted that you  have chosen us  to assist with your health goals. We strive to provide the finest Ancient  Eastern & Western Traditions. We look forward to partnering with you  to address your health concerns, and we will do all we can to ensure you achieve  the most successful result possible. 

The healing relationship  we will create, requires both cooperation and mutual  trust. We will strive to provide you with the best possible care, and ask that you  participate in this effort to the best of your ability.


After you book an appointment, you will receive an email with instructions. For the best results and a shorter time in the waiting room, please fill out and submit all the medical forms, as well as read carefully and submit all the consent forms.

Smart Tips

Follow your physicians medical advice. A doctor's treatment or medication prescribed are only part of the program to keep you in good health. Certain conditions may take time and are influenced by many factors. Over time, things should improve and and then you can discuss with your current physician different options as per your care. Changes to your condition can happen faster than anticipated with natural healing modalities.


Ask questions whenever you do not understand our recommendations. Always report any problems you have. Different people react differently. It is possible for us to provide the best recommendations only if you tell us about difficulties you are having.

Keep Notes Following Appointments. Remember to keep good mental or written notes as to your response throughout your journey with us. This is important information for you to recognize progress and for you to communicate to your practitioner for optimum healing strategies and for the practitioner to know if any adjustments must be made throughout your course of healing.

For the Best results

YOU are part of this process. Everything depends on your co-operation and commitment. We will recommend the protocols based on the information you give us. We have the best results when people are sharing all the details of their symptoms, so we can understand the uniqueness you hold as an individual person. This includes your family history, your past and your present symptoms with all the reactions to any factors, putting extra emphasis on your mind.

To understand your constitution, we might ask you a lot of questions. Each one of these questions has a profound meaning and significance for us. Even if you think that some of them have no connection with your symptoms, they are integral toward choosing the best possible protocols for you.


Feel free to give us the fullest information on each question, filling out all the forms before the appointment, reading each question carefully, thinking before answering or even asking someone close to you to help you answer completely. Anything you say will remain confidential.

It would be helpful if you would bring in any medical records pertinent to your condition such as blood test results, CAT scan, MRI, X-Rays or other reports. In consideration of our allergic/chemically-sensitive patients and practitioners, please refrain from using any scented hair-sprays, perfumes, or lotions, etc.

Keep a positive attitude and EXPECT positive results. As we follow through on giving you our best, look for signs of improvement and feel encouraged by them. Create an attitude that expects positive results and know that profound healing is possible. Your belief and expectation has an incredibly strong influence on your body, and is a key factor in your healing.

Have any questions? Feel free to get in touch.


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